Team Morale and Engagement: M-Intelligent Management

The M in MORALE is intelligent management.  Employees must believe that they are being intelligently managed.  Micro-management restricts their autonomy while too little support from their managers leaves many employees feeling as if they have been deserted.   They must also believe that their management team is making smart decisions.  How many times are senior managers transparent enough with the entire company to explain the rationale behind decisions that effect the entire team?  The objective of intelligent management is to provide the degree of autonomy that suits each employee’s capabilities and to ensure they are informed about important decisions.  This contributes to their motivation by enhancing their sense of control, achievement, and affiliation.  As a result they feel a great degree of significance as a member of this team.

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1 Response to Team Morale and Engagement: M-Intelligent Management

  1. PMack says:

    John, I agree with your statements of micro-management compared to intelligent management. A micro-manager also sends their employee a message of I do not trust you to execute my direction. Your point on intelligent management, providing the appropriate degree of autonomy to each employee capabilities relies on the employee receiving the appropriate level of development. An employee who has received an effective and appropriate level of communication through coaching, training and feedback does not require micro-management. Thus, this style of leadership, intelligent management, would feed the needs of Maslow’s Self-Actualization and Esteem. When team members are at this level of awareness the leader finds no need for micro-management. However, it is the responsibility and accountability of the Leader to instill these behaviors into their team.

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